Answers to popular questions from HR
(not finished)

Tell me about yourself?

«Hello, my name is Simon Lazarev. I was born in Karelia. I lived without parents when I was very young and grew up in a foster family. I was educated in the field of fine arts, information technology and theology.
My hobbies are playing guitar, painting, reading poetry and writing. I wrote a book called “The Queen of the Seven Mountains” I hope to continue writing.
I am married without children but I would like to have children in the future.
I want to move in EU countries. Interested only offers with relocation package.»

What are your strengths?

- Punctuality, make the best decision and assume responsibilities, analytical mind, the ability of searching required information, ability to find innovative solutions, intellectual curiosity, broad outlook.

What’s your biggest weakness?

- sometimes I`m hurried and make mistakes
- my English skills

Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

- Teamleader or senior developer in EU country, also I'm a father of human child.

Why do you want to leave your current job?

- My current job located in Russia. I want to change contry, and I can`t do it without changing of Job.
- The opportunity to develop your speaking skills and personal.

What would you do if you didn’t get on with someone in your team?

- If there was someone I didn’t get on with, I would first of all go out of my way to try and make friends as this would be beneficial to the team environment.

How do you handle pressure?

- Watch TV-show, plaing games, walking or sport.


What three things would your last boss say about you?

- focused, stubborn, sociable.

What’s your greatest achievement to date?

- publish book;
- married;
- worked with some project, like maintainer.

What would you do in the first 30 days of starting?

- I will get to know the team;
- study the approach to tasks;
- set up my work environment;
- rent an apartment closer to work

What motivates you?

-Perspective of growning, sallary, free cookies, healthy environment.

What kind of contract do you prefer: employment contract or B2B?
(With employment contract we are helping to get work permit)

-  employment contract

You current location?

- Russia, Karelia

What commute/relocation do you needs?

- I`m married
- the amount of an additional 1 monthly salary;
- Will be good if get 2 weeks rent in a hotel.

English level (speaking – there will be a lot of contact with US Team):

- B1/B2 (need more practice)

How close are you to offers with other companies:

- With Latvia, I wait the answer after third step(spoken with hr, create technical task, and spoken with engineers today);
-  tomorrow morning will be interview with Litva;
(p.s. for me very important leave Russia, it`s my main target now :) )

Do you need work permit?

- Yes I need it.

Salary expectation / availability to work:

- brutto ~2800 — 3500 (EUR)

What do you expect from your new job?

- The opportunity to develop your speaking skills, the possibility of obtaining citizenship on the basis of work and residence.

What are your exit dates if you accept the offer?

- 3 weeks

What is the deadline for decisions on offers?

- 1 week

Do you have any communication with customers, did you have interviews with the customer?

- Yes, had experience communication with customer in english. He was canadian and I was teaching him Indesign and make layouts for him.