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Hello, my name is Simon Lazarev. I am professional web developer with 8 years work experience, writer ( and creator of Worked with, onlydimonds, alrosa, nike, okkotv, pushprofit, lwks and others.

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2010 — 2015 Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts IT manager
2003 — 2007 Petrozavodsk Pedagogical College Teacher Fine Arts and Drawing


09.2023 — till now


Senior Software Engineer / Outsourcing

  • work for a company
  • improvement of the existing functionality of the site on vue, nuxt and react
  • development of new application functionality
  • consultations on optimization issues


  • development of the concept, design, prototype, frontend and backend of the project
  • actively developing a personal account and a page for sharing
  • used MongoDB, fastify.js/nest, docker
  • solving issues on the next stage concerning advertising monetization and audience recruitment
  • looking for partners with startup management experience and understanding of the target audience

vue 2/3 nuxt 2/3 react hetzner nest fastify mongo typescript prisma docker redis capacitor

05.2022 — 09.2023

Senior Software Engineer / TCO team

  • Exhibited hands-on programming expertise encompassing Vue 2/3, jq, dojo, electron, CSS, native JavaScript (ES5), TypeScript, and Vagrant.
  • Provided adept technical support, leveraging a profound understanding of intricate technologies to troubleshoot issues and facilitate novel projects.
  • Championed and fostered a culture of respectful and transparent communication during interactions.
  • Collaborated closely with development teams to rectify issues and execute test scenarios.
  • Engaged collaboratively with fellow engineers to assess and enhance software and hardware interfaces.
  • Teamed up harmoniously with software development and testing colleagues to architect and create robust solutions that met client criteria for functionality, scalability, and performance.
  • Evaluated project specifications and devised technological solutions that either met or surpassed performance expectations.
  • Played an active role in the architecture, design, and implementation of frontend features, utilizing Vue and Nuxt.

vue 2/3 jq dojo aws tailwindcss electron css js(native - es5) typescript vagrant

08.2019 — 05.2022

Software Engineering, Consultant / Gocream

  • Engaged in projects like, stay, Nike SportCenter, and gantt chart, among others.
  • Engaged in detailed consultations with clients to outline site and app prerequisites, culminating in actionable development strategies.
  • Collaborated alongside project managers, developers, quality assurance professionals, and clients to effectively resolve intricate technical challenges.
  • Guided and mentored junior developers and engineers, equipping them with JavaScript skills and actively contributing to the overall team's advancement.
  • Assumed a leadership role in spearheading software development endeavors, serving as a recognized subject matter expert and the primary point of contact for project management personnel.
  • Elevated technical leadership among entry-level and junior engineers within the complexities of an enterprise system environment.
  • Showcased substantial hands-on programming expertise in Vue, React, and Angular, validating practical experience.
  • Partnered harmoniously with software development and testing team members to architect and actualize robust solutions that aligned seamlessly with client criteria for functionality, scalability, and performance.
  • Bringing solid experience with React, Next.js, Vue, and Nuxt to the table.

nuxt vue3 next.js ssr rest jwt cypress WebSockets django templates jq css js(native - es5) react node.js fastify sequelize activeCollab typescript

05.2019 — 08.2019

Software Engineer / АСК glonass

  • Provided assistance to Angular projects.
  • Generated websites that ensured compatibility across various browsers.
  • Explored emerging web technologies and trends, considering their integration into websites.
  • Offered exceptional client service, fostering enduring relationships and paving the way for future business prospects.
  • Collaborated with software development and testing teams to create resilient solutions aligned with client needs for functionality, scalability, and performance.
  • Engaged with fellow engineers to assess and enhance software and hardware interfaces.
  • Orchestrated streamlined deployment of extensive software installations.

Angular rxjs eclipse swagger slack redmine youtrack gitlab Swagger

07.2018 — 04.2019

Software Engineer / ProfitCliks

  • Contributed to the advancement and joint development of the Pushprofit project website.
  • Managed the CRUD operations for comments and profit calculations derived from leads, utilizing Laravel.
  • Crafted the frontend interface using Vue JS (with TypeScript) for a Real Time Bidding platform.
  • Collaborated closely with fellow engineers to assess and refine software and hardware interactions.
  • Engaged with software development and testing teams to devise robust solutions aligning with client demands for functionality, scalability, and performance.
  • Integrated external tools and components into the applications.
  • Shared expertise in TypeScript implementation.
  • Formulated enhancements and updates for subsystems within end-user application software, catering to local, networked, and Internet-based platforms.
  • Offered insights and recommendations during team discussions, providing progress reports on timelines, designs, and improvements.

rest react laravel vue vuetify sql redis clickhouse postgres golang typescript

03.2018 — 06.2018

Software Engineer / JobTop (startup is closed)

  • Created elements for a startup's development.
  • Enhanced web applications for improved speed, scalability, and security.
  • Performed unit tests to ensure optimal browser performance.
  • Incorporated external tools and components into applications.
  • Worked closely with clients to establish solution specifications.
  • Revamped outdated code bases to align with contemporary development norms, enhancing functionality.

vue vuex gitflow graphql youtrack

03.2017 — 02.2018

Full Stack Developer / SS-Web (freelance)

  • I found clients for freelance tasks.
  • Negotiated contracts with clients.
  • Created UI/UX design tailored to the client.
  • Developed prototypes for future websites.
  • Implemented the website using CMS/CMF Modx.
  • Handled the layout design of newspapers, magazines, and books.
  • Provided training for working with InDesign.

Yii2 Modx Less Adobe photoshop Adobe indesign Adobe illustrator

11.2015 — 03.2017

Full Stack Developer / Style Wedding | Greatlabel

  • Responsible for supervising technical issues and handling troubleshooting requests to effectively address and resolve user problems.
  • Strategized and coordinated website development efforts, translating mockups into fully functional web interfaces using a combination of HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, and JSON coding.
  • Demonstrated expertise in crafting websites by proficiently utilizing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery programming languages.

Joomla Opencard Wordpress Dle MODX Opencard Bitrix Drupal Html Mail Apache

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database: mongodb
language: js
language: html
language: scss
language: node.js
framework: vue
framework: nuxt
version control: git
package manager: yarn
work process: agile
language: php
database: mysql
database: postgress
language: typescript
framework: angular
framework: react
framework: next
framework: laravel
framework: fastify
orm: knex
orm: prisma
library: jQuery
library: redux
software: adobe photoshop
software: adobe indesign
software: adobe illustrator
package manager: npm
devops: Docker
database: mongodb
language: python
framework: django
framework: electron
framework: yii2
framework: nest
orm: sequelize
runtime: apache
bussines logic: uml
language: golang
static type: flow
framework: electron
version control: svn
runtime: nginx
bussines logic: bpmn
devops: Vagrant
runtime: kubernetes
language: ocaml
language: reason

“Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.”Linus Torvalds