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Hello, my name is Simon Lazarev. I was born in Karelia. I lived without parents when I was very young and grew up in a foster family. I was educated in the field of fine arts, information technology and theology.

My hobbies are playing guitar, painting, reading poetry and writing. I wrote a book called “The Queen of the Seven Mountains” I hope to continue writing.
I am married without children but I would like to have children in the future.

English level — intermediate.

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Simen Lazarev
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2010 — 2015 Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts IT manager
2003 — 2007 Petrozavodsk Pedagogical College Teacher Fine Arts and Drawing


05.2022 — till now

Programmer / TCO team

Transcription, service for sharing video files

vue 2/3 jq dojo electron css js(native - es5) typescript vagrant

08.2019 — 05.2022

Programmer / Gocream,, gantt chart e.t.c.

nuxt vue3 next.js ssr rest jwt cypress django templates jq css js(native - es5) react node.js fastify sequelize typescript

05.2019 — 08.2019

Frontend Developer / АСК glonass

Support project in angular.

Angular rxjs eclipse swagger slack redmine youtrack gitlab Swagger

07.2018 — 04.2019

Full-Stack Developer / ProfitCliks

Support and same develop project Pushprofit website.

Service CRUD comments and Calculation of profit from lead used laravel.

Create frontend side on vue.js (typescript) for Real Time Bidding platform.

rest react laravel vue vuetify sql redis clickhouse postgres golang typescript

03.2018 — 06.2018

Engineer — Programmer / JobTop (startup is closed)

Develop components for startap jobtop.

vue vuex gitflow graphql youtrack

03.2017 — 02.2018

Web Developer / SS-Web

Ss-web club (my own free project).

Best client

Yii2 Modx Less Adobe photoshop Adobe indesign Adobe illustrator

11.2015 — 03.2017

Web Programmer / Style Wedding | Greatlabel

Support web site on drupal, joomla, wordpress.

Developing for Stylewedding and Greatlabel company.

Joomla Opencard Wordpress Dle MODX Opencard Bitrix Drupal Html Mail Apache

My skills

Prefered Stack
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Room for Improvement
language: php
database: mysql
database: postgress
language: python
framework: django
language: golang
language: js
language: typescript
language: html
language: scss
language: ocaml
language: reason
language: node.js
static type: flow
framework: electron
framework: angular
framework: react
framework: vue
framework: next
framework: nuxt
framework: laravel
framework: yii2
framework: fastify
orm: knex
orm: sequelize
version control: git
version control: svn
library: jQuery
library: redux
runtime: nginx
runtime: apache
software: adobe photoshop
software: adobe indesign
software: adobe illustrator
package manager: npm
package manager: yarn
bussines logic: uml
bussines logic: bpmn
devops: Docker
devops: kubernetes

“Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program.”Linus Torvalds